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In the heart of Pune’s dynamic Viman Nagar, a new chapter in coworking excellence unfolds as Share-A-Space unveils its latest gem—a 24,000 sq ft masterpiece designed to revolutionize the way professionals work and thrive. Join us on this odyssey of innovation, collaboration, and success as we introduce Share-A-Space Viman Nagar to the world.

Embarking on a Connected Journey:

Situated near the bustling airport and Nagar Road, Share-A-Space Viman Nagar is not just a workspace; it’s your launchpad to unparalleled connectivity. Discover the convenience of a prime location that empowers you to navigate your professional journey seamlessly.

Beyond Boundaries:

24,000 Sq Ft of Workspace Extravaganza: Step into a workspace designed to transcend limits. With a vast expanse spanning 24,000 sq ft, Share-A-Space @ Viman Nagar Pune invites you into a world of innovation, where every corner is crafted to inspire collaboration, spark creativity, and drive productivity.

Flexibility Redefined:

Tailored Memberships for Every Professional Journey: No two professional journeys are the same, and neither are their workspace needs. At Share-A-Space at Viman Nagar, experience the freedom of choice with flexible memberships tailored for freelancers, startups, and established businesses alike. Your workspace, your terms.

Pinnacle of Productivity:

State-of-the-Art Amenities: Unlock your full potential with state-of-the-art amenities curated to elevate your work experience. High-speed internet, contemporary furniture, and cutting-edge technology converge to create an environment where productivity reaches new heights.

Cultivating Collaboration:

Community-Driven Workspaces: Join a community that goes beyond shared desks and office walls. Share-A-Space Viman Nagar is a hub of collaboration and networking, where professionals converge to share ideas, connect, and forge lasting partnerships.

Greening the Future:

Sustainable Workspaces at Share-A-Space: Our commitment to sustainability echoes in every corner of Share-A-Space Viman Nagar. Join us in creating a workspace that not only fuels your success but also champions eco-friendly practices for a brighter, greener future.

Seamless Transition:

Aundh Center Continues to Thrive: As we embark on this new chapter in Viman Nagar, let’s not forget the thriving community at our Aundh center. Share-A-Space Aundh, with its strategic location and vibrant ecosystem, continues to be a testament to our commitment to excellence in coworking.

Reserve Your Space, Define Your Journey:

The doors of Share-A-Space Viman Nagar are open, inviting businesses and professionals to embark on a journey of success. Contact us now to reserve your spot in this coworking masterpiece and experience a workspace that aligns seamlessly with your aspirations.


Explore, Innovate, Thrive: The Share-A-Space Viman Nagar Experience Awaits.

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