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Blended Workforce

The Covid 19 pandemic has transformed our lives completely. It has changed our perspectives / outlook towards everything – as individuals, as employees, and also as humans. It has affected every sector – especially the business sector, and companies are compelled to modify their business models – in terms of the financial and operational challenges that they are facing. They have to find ways to traverse through this perpetual uncertainty, bolster up their abilities and become dynamically stable. Even before the pandemic struck, digitisation had already influenced the ways in which companiescarry out business. It also has [...]

September 24, 2021|

Co-Working – Need of the hour

Coworking spaces, essentially shared spaces, comes from the word – coworker – meaning colleague working in the same environment. Initially this concept was an alternative to working at different locations merely due to reasons such as travel, the need for flexibility or difficulty, and time spent commuting from one place to other. With rapid digitization and the rise in start-ups and freelancers, Coworking is becoming popular day by day as these are physical spaces for such independent and mobile workers. When the COVID19 pandemic struck each and every part of the world, all were confined to their [...]

July 22, 2021|
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